My time working with David Balmer was extremely helpful. I felt cared for, understood; he wanted what was best for me first and foremost, and he communicated with me extremely well. I knew exactly what was going on. I was looking for a lawyer because I wanted the judge to understand my background and where I was coming from. David Balmer was talked of very highly from other attorneys. I actually heard about him through another attorney that told us to go with him because he was also a little more in our price range and was talked of very highly. I could tell this wasn't just a job for David Balmer. He truly cares for you and your outcomes. He took the extra time to explain things to me so that I would understand the whole process.

David made me feel at ease through the whole situation. I knew he was finding the best possible solution for me and I was very thankful for this. I now have this expunged and off my record and am working my dream job. This would not have been possible without David Balmer. I would highly recommend him when choosing a lawyer.