Defense of Minnesota Indecent Exposure Charges

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Minnesota Indecent Exposure Law

The crime of indecent exposure can include a variety of acts and is often a context-specific offense. Minnesota statute § 617.23 divides the crime into three severity levels. The crime is most commonly charged as a misdemeanor, but can be charged as a gross misdemeanor or felony if the act is done in the presence of a minor, or if you have a previous conviction for indecent exposure.

Minnesota law is less than clear in its definition of the crime of indecent exposure. According to the statute the offense is completed when anyone commits the following acts:

"willfully and lewdly exposes the person’s body, or the private parts thereof;

procures another to expose private parts; or

engages in any open or gross lewdness or lascivious behavior, or any public indecency other than behavior specified in this subdivision."

Consequence of a Conviction for Indecent Exposure in Minnesota

Even as a misdemeanor, an indecent exposure conviction carries serious consequences. A conviction will become part of your permanent record and can impact aspects of both your personal and professional life. A conviction may result in the loss of a professional licenses, loss of the right to possess a firearm, or, for immigrants, may affect your immigration status. A felony conviction will also require you to register as a sexual predator. Because Minnesota maintains a public database of predatory offenders, registrants are often harassed and ostracized by society.

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