Minnesota Underage Drinking Laws

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It should come as no surprise that in virtually all circumstances Minnesota law prohibits underage possession and consumption of alcohol. Minnesota law criminalizes and punishes both minors and adults involved in a minor’s use of alcohol. You can learn more below about specific Minnesota crimes and legal defenses.

The consequences of an alcohol-related criminal conviction can have long-lasting effects for minors. For adults, the consequences can be just as severe. If you (or your teenager) have been cited for an underage alcohol offense, contact the Balmer Law Office for a free and confidential case evaluation. You don’t need to plead guilty. Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer David Balmer can be reached via the firm’s 24-hour hotline: 612-326-4175.

Minor Consumption

No one is surprised to hear that Minnesota law prohibits the both the consumption and possession of alcohol by “minors” (those under the age of 21). While minor consumption tickets are relatively common, the effects of a conviction can have devas… Read More

Furnishing Alcohol to Minors

It is against the law for an adult to furnish (give or sell) a person under the age of 21 with an alcoholic beverage. Minnesota law makes no distinction between selling alcohol to a minor or simply giving it to them. And the consequences can be sever… Read More

Underage Drinking Driving

a2Minnesota laws are tough on underage drinking and driving. These offenses carry serious criminal consequences. And the collateral, hidden consequences following a conviction can be worse than the criminal penalties. If you or a loved-one has been a… Read More