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Will I have to register as a sex offender for soliciting a prostitute?

There are a lot of consequences that can follow an arrest and conviction for a Minnesota prostitution offense. One of the most onerous consequences is having to register as a sex offender. Registering as a sex offender is a potential consequence for… Read More
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Entrapment and Soliciting a Prostitute: Is There a Defense for My Case?

Entrapment is a recognized affirmative defense to Minnesota criminal charges. The essence of the defense is a claim that the police applied overbearing pressure to get you to commit a criminal act that you would otherwise not commit. It is an affirma… Read More
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New Restrictions for Minnesota DWI Convictions: Little Alan’s Law

In response to the tragic death of Alan Geisenkoetter, the Minnesota legislature enacted a new law — known as Little Alan’s Law — imposing additional restrictions for anyone convicted of a DWI offense. Alan Geisenkoetter was killed by a dru… Read More
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What to Expect at Your First Court Appearance

So you’ve been charged with a crime and summoned to court, what should you expect at your first court appearance? While customs and procedures vary throughout Minnesota state courts, the Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure establish a framework f… Read More
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New Hands-Free Cell Phone Law in Minnesota

Effective August 1, 2019 the new hands-free cell phone law in Minnesota prohibits using a cell phone while driving unless the phone can be operated in a near completely hands-free manner. While texting while driving was already outlawed, the new law… Read More
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David Balmer established the Balmer Law Office with one overriding goal: provide aggressive, high-caliber criminal and DWI defense for good people facing serious charges throughout the state of Minnesota. Read More

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