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Facing Criminal Charges in Minnesota?

The Balmer Law Office Can Help.

You are not alone.  Every day hundreds of people are arrested or otherwise find themselves facing criminal charges from the state of Minnesota. Minnesota’s criminal laws are complicated and frequently changing. The thought of facing the court system alone can be intimidating.  If you have been arrested, charged, or questioned by the police regarding a criminal offense, you need to speak with a reputable Minnesota criminal defense lawyer.

The Balmer Law Office assists clients facing serious criminal charges throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota.  The Balmer Law Office focuses exclusively on criminal and DWI law.  So whether you simply made a mistake or have been falsely accused of a crime, attorney David Balmer is prepared to stand-up for you.

The Balmer Law Office provides free, confidential case evaluations.

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Preserve Your Rights Now

If you are facing criminal charges, your rights, livelihood, and freedom are at stake. The consequences of a conviction extend beyond fines and jail.  A criminal conviction can result in the loss of a job or professional license, the right to vote or possess a firearm, and the loss of a lawful non-citizen’s permanent residency.

Once you’ve been charged with a crime the clock starts ticking on your trial rights.  You can lose these rights if you fail to assert them.

Don’t face the system alone! Get started with a free, confidential case evaluation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While each client and case is unique, the Balmer Law Office commits to following standards of representation for each client:

  • we will demand that the State provides us with all of the evidence in its possession that is intends to use against you;
  • we will scrutinize the evidence to ensure that it was lawfully obtained. If the evidence was unlawfully obtained or otherwise inadmissible we will file motions with the court to have the evidence suppressed so that it cannot be used against you at trial;
  • we will conduct a thorough review of the both case and statutory law surrounding the legal issues presented in your case;
  • when appropriate we will retain independent investigators to interview witness or examine evidence;
  • when appropriate we will retain expert witnesses to testify on your behalf at trial;
  • we will prepare to litigate your case at trial, but aggressively negotiate trial alternatives with the State; and
  • we will direct you to resources to assist you in managing or recovering from any underlying issues that may have given rise to the criminal charges you are now facing.
If you intend to plead guilty, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help ensure that you are treated fairly. The penalties for many offenses can be unexpectedly severe. The State is under no obligation to accept your plea and agree to leniency. In some instances you may be able to take responsibility for the offense without suffering the consequences of a permanent conviction on your record.
Under Minnesota law you are NOT required to perform roadside or field sobriety tests. This includes the roadside portable breath test. Politely decline to perform the roadside tests. The purpose of these tests is to support the officer’s decision to arrest you. You should not assist the officer in building a case against you.

Do not confuse field sobriety tests with the implied consent chemical testing that takes place at a police station or hospital. Minnesota law requires that you submit a breath test. If a breath test is not offered then you have the choice to submit to either a blood OR urine test. Failure to submit to the implied consent chemical testing is a gross misdemeanor crime and will result in an automatic revocation of your driving privileges for one year.

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