Thanks to David's expertise, I was able to get the best possible outcome in my possession & paraphernalia charges. It was a highly stressful time for me, filled with uncertainty regarding the possibility of a highly negative impact in my life due to these charges. David answered all my questions and used his knowledge to help me better the outcome of my case. He was so easy to work with, very straight forward and kept me very informed. He worked diligently and was really in my corner. It really eased my mind to have him on my side & fighting for me. If you are faced with criminal charges, I highly recommend consulting David to determine your best course of action. He clearly communicated his strategy and was always just a phone call or email away. I really appreciated how fast he returned calls and emails! He was very committed to helping me and I feel like he truly cared about me as a person. He is just a great guy and an even better attorney. You need him in your corner!