Will I have to register as a sex offender?

Convictions for certain offenses require predatory offender registration under Minnesota law. The most common offenses requiring registration include the following offenses: certain murder offense, kidnapping, felony criminal sexual conduct, false imprisonment of a minor, felony indecent exposure, soliciting a minor to engage in prostitution, soliciting a minor to engage in sexual conduct, and using a minor in a sexual performance.

But the predatory offender registration law also requires registration for any conviction arising out of the same set of circumstances that justified an initial charge requiring registration. An example: a man is charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct (felony), but resolves his case with a plea to disorderly conduct (misdemeanor). The felony criminal sexual conduct charge requires registration. And because he pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct offense arising out of the same set of circumstances, the disorderly conduct offense also requires registration!

Minnesota’s predatory registration law is complicated. Contact the Balmer Law Office to learn more about registration requirements and what can be done to avoid Minnesota’s harsh predatory offender laws.