Why was my car seized / forfeited? How can I get it back?

Minnesota DWI forfeiture penalties are harsh and broad. Just a second DWI in a ten year period can result in the forfeiture of a vehicle. Worse, you don't have to be the driver to have your own car forfeited — you can simply have loaned your car to someone who committed a forfeitable DWI offense.

Under Minnesota law vehicles can be forfeited under the following circumstances:

  • A first or second-degree DWI offense
  • A DWI offense committed by someone whose driver’s license has been cancelled as inimical to public safety and not reinstated
  • A DWI offense committed by a B-card holder

There are defenses to DWI forfeitures. The laws are relating to forfeiture are complicated. If your vehicle has been seized by the police following a DWI offense, contact the Balmer Law Office for a free consultation.