How will the Balmer Law Office help me?

While each client and case is unique, the Balmer Law Office commits to following standards of representation. For each client, the firm will:

  • demand that the State provides us with all of the evidence in its possession that it intends to use against you,
  • scrutinize the evidence to ensure that it was lawfully obtained — if the evidence was unlawfully obtained or is otherwise inadmissible in court, we will file motions with the court to have the evidence suppressed so that it cannot be used against you at trial,
  • conduct a thorough review of case and statutory law on the legal issues presented in your case,
  • retain independent investigators, when appropriate, to interview witnesses or examine evidence,
  • retain expert witnesses, when appropriate, to testify on your behalf at trial,
  • prepare to litigate your case at trial, but aggressively negotiate trial alternatives with the State, and
  • direct you to resources to assist you in managing or recovering from any underlying issues that may have given rise to the criminal charges you are now facing.